Eight years ago the world changed.  One morning folks woke up to a great fireball in the sky.  Whatever wizard was responsible clearly didn’t think it through.  As the temperature rose, plains became more arid.  Marshes turned to jungles.  Jungles turned to forests.  Sea levels rose, while rivers thinned and creeks dried into empty beds.  All the while the vast majority of inhabitants faced a new maladies.  Throughout the realms people’s skin began to turn red, dry out, and peel.  Beasts fled their natural habitats as the environment shifted.  Diseases once centralized in isolated lands became more prevalent.

In the midst of these events, major cities fell to forgotten enemies.  Dark alliances showed in the new light, and monsters gained power.  Ancient lands were re-discovered, races were encountered, and trade routes were established.

All of this was secondary however, to the re-emergence of the divine.  Ancient beings of immeasurable power, not seen, heard of, or referenced in 1,500 years, reached out for champions in this long abandoned realm.  Some reached back.  In the face of opposition and culture lag, shrines and churches were erected to honor the newly discovered powers.  Grand things were built, vast oceans were navigated, and new continents were discovered.

In search of ancient relics of forgotten divine, travelers discovered a land filled with lightning glass, and powerful dust imbued with the power of fire.  In the eight years since the great fire in the sky an unusual alliance has sought to colonize the newly discovered land.  To that end, The Valant Empire, The Bard’s University, and Hutchenson Trading Company, founded Commonwealth, a foothold in the new world rife with resources beyond imagine; forest full of timber, mountains stocked with blasting powder, and the wilds are teeming with secrets.


The Glass Shores

initiativecoffeeco Glass beach looking out